Auction & Raffle

Formal Auction – We will have a small auction this year with private entries as well as a couple of charity entries.

One of a Kind Drawings – We will have up to 25 embellished one of a kinds available in a drawing to help raise funds for charity.   Each fully registered attendee (couple registration counts as one fully registered attendee) will have their name entered into a drawing for a unique one of a kind WFF.  When your name is drawn you can choose from the one of a kinds still available or pass if you do not want to purchase one.  If any pieces remain after the drawing they will be auctioned to all attendees.  Each piece will be priced to include a donation to charity.  You can write a check to Mouse Expo or we can charge the amount to a credit card for you.  Prices will vary according to cost of piece and complexity of changes and will be posted on Saturday for everyone to look at before the drawing takes place.   This will raise less funds for our charities, but it will allow more people the opportunity to own one of these unique pieces.  

Raffle – We will have a small raffle to help add monies to our charity fund.  

50/50 Raffle – We will do two cash 50/50 raffles to help raise monies for our charities. 

Pieces in this gallery will be in the Raffle, Auction or One of a Kind Drawing.

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These Mouse Expo 2017 Auction/Raffle pieces raised over $14,000 for charity!



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