Auction / Raffle


Total Raised through the Auction $43,135.75 to benefit the American Cancer Society Nashua Chapter, The Utah Food Bank Mobile Pantry Program, and other small charities.  THANK YOU!!!

Buyers will remain anonymous unless we are given permission to reveal their names.  

This will be a silent auction with one single bid.  The highest bid will be the winning bid.  In an effort to let more people have the opportunity to own a truly unique piece you may only win one auction piece.  As soon as we see the final auction and raffle pieces we will post a form where you can submit your bids ranked from the pieces you want the most to the ones you want the least.  We will take your ranking into consideration so if you are the high bidder on the piece you want the most you will win that item.  If you are not the high bidder we will continue down your bid list.  

Items will be charged to a credit card (you can list this on the form).  The cost of the piece will be deducted (as per IRS rules on fair market value) and the donation amount will be sent to the charity in your name.  The charity will send you a tax deductible receipt for the donation portion of the purchase.


Raffle tickets are $5 each, 3 for $10, 7 for $20, 15 for $40 and 50 for $100. Text or call us to purchase and we will send you a PayPal invoice. Let us know how many tickets you want in each separate drawing.

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