Contest Rules…

  1. One entry per category per fully registered attendee.
  2. Entries should be made in advance, except where noted.
  3. Entries should be in keeping with the Dream theme and WFF or mouse related.
  4. No previously entered entries will be accepted.
  5. Original entries only, must be made, assembled or crafted by the person entering.
  6. Contest committee has final say on which category an item fits.
  7. All items are left at own risk.  If you have something valuable, please enclose it.

Altered Photo – Theme related WFF photo that is altered or enhanced with a computer, app or by hand.

Natural Photo – A theme related WFF photo that is not altered, except for color and lighting corrections, cropping, etc.

Display – Make or assemble a theme related WFF display.  Items in the display do not need to be hand made, but should have some creative elements.  We strongly encourage your displays be enclosed as they are left at their own risk.

Art – Something theme related that would be hung on a wall or put into a frame such as a painting, drawing or computer generated mousterpiece.  Art is subjective and if it fits into another category it will be placed there.  For example, a fabric wall hanging would be considered a craft for contest purposes.

Sculpting – You can pre-scultp a theme related sculpture or we will have clay at the event on Friday night you can use to sculpt a mousterpiece.

Craft – Mouse Crafts are three-dimensional objects (items with depth) such as a quilt, ceramics, woodwork, jewelry, needlework, etc.   Should be theme and WFF related.

Costume – Dress up like a Wee Forest Folk, individual or group.  All group winners will receive tickets for the participation drawings.  This one needs to be Theme OR WFF related, but does not need to be both.

Mouse Mash Up – Take two or more mice from different WFF pieces and mash them up to make a new piece in keeping with the theme. Can be photoshopped, cut from catalogs, drawn, a photo, etc.

More may be posted as the theme develops…


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