We will be using Zoom for our virtual event this year. Virtual attendees must have paid the registration fee. You will be given a code or enter through a waiting room.

A Zoom 101 class will be held in November to help you navigate the room features. Zoom is easiest on a desktop or lap top computer equipped with a camera and microphone. Tablets and smart phones also work with Zoom, but if you get texts or other notifications they may interfere with your zoom functions.

We will also have a Bingo night and Cocktail Party before the main event to help you acclimate to Zoom.

One challenge of scheduling a virtual event is being in three time zones. We will use MST as our base, but ask the eastern time zones to be mindful of the 3 hour difference to the west coast and why our start times may seem late to them.

If there is a demand we could have a monthly zoom meeting for all collectors to chat about mice.







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