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On-site and off-site Helpers will receive this piece for free.  There will be some available in the participation prize drawings as well.  Leftovers will be sold to those who purchased full packages first, then to the general packages.

As the event has gotten smaller, we have downsized our on-site helper team this year and are currently not looking for any additional helpers at the event itself.  As planning continues we may add event helpers back and will let you know.  The off-site helper team will remain the same.  If you were a helper last year and not one this year, we have a helper piece reserved for you to purchase if you want it.

The current on site event teams are as follows…

Mark Blakely – Emcee & Auctioneer

Steve Cristanus – Games & Contests

Ginger Daugherty – Hospitality & Decor,  Auction Runner

Lisa Fortenberry – Participation Activities, Raffle & Sales, Auction Runner

Gayle Hayashi – Games & Contests, Clean Up Crew

Norm Hayashi – Games & Contests, Clean Up Crew

Steph Hopper – Registration Team Leader, Auction

Rosemarie Howard – Customization Team, Registration Team, Auction Team

Ariel Lyon – Photographer, Chauffeur

Brenda Lyon – Event Coordinator, Photographer

Mary Mirabelli – Games/Contest Team Leader

Pam Parsons – Hospitality & Decor, Chauffeur

Dennis Partenheimer – Games & Contests, Clean Up Crew

Mary Partenheimer – Games & Contests, Clean Up Crew

Garri Pendleton – Participation Activities Leader, Sales

Beth Pennington – Auction Team Leader, Registration

Jan Pennington – Auction, Registration

Lee Strobridge – Social Media, Photographer, Auction Runner

Nancy Vanderah – Registration, Auction

Mona Walter – Raffle & Sales Team Leader


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