Mouse Expo is a Wee Forest Folk Collector’s event held annually in San Luis Obispo, CA since 1994.  This is our 27th year of fun and festivities!

The event is for Wee Forest Folk Collector’s, Wee Forest Folk Lover’s and the Wee Forest Folk Curious!  We are one big Wee Forest Folk Family who understand the passion for all thinks WFF.

Event registration will take place in the Atrium on Friday evening.  You will check in and receive your name tags, registration packet and event pieces.   You can socialize in the atrium Friday evening with your fellow mousers and those staying at the hotel can get free drinks and snacks.   Room Hopping, where collectors leave their hotel rooms open to sell items or to socialize, is encouraged on Friday night.

Saturdays is the main event down in the SLO Ballroom.   We will have plenty of games and participation activities, with an auction and time for socializing.  We hope to come up with some things you will enjoy putting your tickets in and winning (we will have mouse related items and WFF prizes).   Lunch will be served.  Room Hopping will take place in the evening.

Sunday will be our contest day and swap & sell.  Watch the contest page for the latest info.

A virtual element will be added given the current circumstances in 2020.

For further information check back to this page or contact Brenda Lyon at 801-554-3989 (text or call).





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