This years event may be a little different than years past so we wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect.

Events are expensive to attend and to put on.   By not signing a contract last year and taking a risk the hotel would be available we were able to re-negotiate our catering costs, eliminate our work space and some meeting space.  We ended up getting the space for just a little more than half of what we usually pay and have passed those savings on to you.   The $85 event fee will just barely cover the cost of the meeting space and lunch if we have 65 people.  This will not cover any other event fees, but we wanted to make it as affordable as possible to attend.

Hotel reservations are on your own this year.  When our room block is not met, the hotel charges us for the rooms not booked.  Some of you will get rooms cheaper than usual, but those coming only on the weekend or booking later may find higher rates than usual.   We suggest you book early whether at the Embassy Suites or another hotel as San Luis Obispo is a popular weekend destination for tourists.

Event registration will take place in the Atrium on Friday evening.  You will check in and receive your name tags.  Hopefully we have enough room to also hand out your event pieces, but we may have to do this Saturday if we need more space.  You can socialize in the atrium Friday evening with your fellow mousers and those staying at the hotel can get free drinks and snacks.   Room Hopping is encouraged on Friday night as well.   We will have one scavenger hunt starting Friday evening.

Saturdays event will take place in 1/3rd of the ballroom.   We do want to warn you that the weather is forecasting for stormy weather on Saturday, but what else would you expect in a Haunted Ballroom?   It should be a dark and stormy day!  We will have plenty of games and participation activities, with an auction and time for socializing.  We hope to come up with some things you will enjoy putting your tickets in and winning (we have some mouse related items, a one of a kind custom, and other WFF.   Tickets will be given in lower quantities so you don’t get ghost writer’s cramp, but your chances of winning will still be the same.

Sunday’s forecast is much better so this will be our contest day and the usual swap & sell.  Watch the contest page for the latest info.

We were not allotted a smaller helper piece, a participation piece, a customized piece or a thank you piece this year.  That doesn’t mean we won’t stop asking.  We will be getting a spooktakular accessory, That’s The Spirit and we will post as soon as we have photos.  We should also have a few special charity pieces for the auction/raffle.

Because the event fee will not cover any other event fees besides lunch and the meeting space, pre-orders of event pieces are crucial to what we end up planning.  We will have a Haunted House Survival Kit for those who purchase at least one piece.  The more you purchase, the better your Survival Kit will be in the event of paranormal or monstrous activity.  You will also notice our event set is less expensive with fewer overall pieces.  This is much better for your pocketbook, but also takes away profits we normally used on the event.  What we lack in grandeur this year, we will; certainly make up for in spirit.

We will strive for a quality, fun, theme filled event, but we are sure you will understand when we have to cut back in some areas.   Not all areas, mind you, because a themed event is enjoyable for me to plan.  I am a bells & whistles girl!  I thoroughly enjoy putting this event on for you.

See you all soon!





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