Participation tickets will be awarded for participating in various activities and games.  We will have mouse related prizes as well as special WFF in the participation drawings.  We will post the prizes in advance.  If there are any drawings you don’t want your tickets in you can let us know.  We will split the tickets you earn equally among any other drawings to make it easier on the ticket master.

Participation activities will include…

Room Decorating – Decorate your room you will be zooming from in the theme and get participation tickets per person registered at your household.

Games – Earn participation tickets for various games throughout the event.

Gingerbread Train Car – You will receive a kit to decorate a train car in the same color theme as your virtual table mates.  This will be done in advance and you will submit a photo so we can post photos of your trains.

Theme Related Attire – Come zoom with us in gingerbread, train or candy attire and receive tickets!

Expo Express Train Display – Your trains will be sent to you prior to the event.  Text us a photo of how you have added it to your displays and you will receive participation tickets (note: If entering the Display Contest it must be a different display than this one).

Activities – An activity box will be mailed to your prior to the event with various activities you can do in advance or during the event.

More activities as things develop.

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