A fun amusement park scene

Mouse Expo 2021

September 10 – 12

San Luis Obispo, CA


Come join us at our Wee Amousement Park


UPDATE: Teacups are shipping out slowly as we have only received about 20% of our order so far.  Most attendees will be shipped by the end of December.  Proxies should be shipped in Jan/Feb.  Not attending should be shipped in February/March.  We do apologize for the delay, but the factory is short staffed and fitting us into their holiday painting when they have time.  Pieces should come in much faster after the New Year.  Our Facebook issues have been resolved so we now can post and receive messages again on that platform. 

Twirling Teacups Event Piece

Event Location: Embassy Suites SLO

(no group rate – make your own reservations)

Mouse Expo 2021 Registration & Order Form

Click on link above to print out order form.  


Last updated : December 6, 2021