Mouse Expo is an annual even held in San Luis Obispo, California for Wee Forest Folk Collectors. At the event you will be able to purchase merchandise, do activities, win prizes, participate in contests and & games, and meet and mingle with other collectors who share the same passion for WFF.  The event has been held since 1994 and is now in it’s 27th year.

1994 – No theme or event pieces

1995 – No theme or event pieces

1996 – No theme… Skier Mouse (green) and Girl Sweetheart (burgundy)

1997 – No theme… Pageant Angel (green), String of Hearts (Expo on hearts)

1998 – No theme… Little Devil (black), Tooth Fairy (purple)

1999 – No theme… Little Devil (purple), Girl Sweetheart (pink dots)

2000 – Garden Party… Zelda (eggplant), Pageant Angel (eggplant)

2001 – Pool Party… Fun Float (pink & lav), April Showers (eggplant)

2002 – Pajama Party… Mouseys Bunny Slippers (yellow & purple), Caught in the Act (purple & yellow)

2003 – Expolympics… Slapshot (purple), Miss Noel (lavender)

2004 – Spring Break…Mousers Gone Wild… Expo Cove (purple), Sea Sounds (lavender), Alone at Last (lavender), Little Dipper (purple)

2005 – Expo Circus… Roly Poly Juggler (purple), Pedal Pusher Clown Car (purple), Pedal Plane Stunt Man (purple), Heavyweight Strongman (purple), Mousies Matinee (purple)

2006 – Mardi Gras Magic… The Halloween Princess (gold), Pedal Pusher (gold), April Showers (gold), Miss Liberty (gold), Night Prayer (gold)

2007 – Fright Night… Little Devil (lavender ghost and orange bats), April Showers (spiders, bats and ghosts), Home Sweet Home (orange & black), Pudding Anyone (orange with bats), Yummy (orange with bats), Night Prayer (orange), Mousies Matinee (orange), Miss Liberty (orange), Pedal Plane (orange)

2008 – Love American Style… (colors navy with white hearts and red accents) – April Showers, Pedal Pusher, Yummy, Miss Liberty, Pedal Plane, Poppys Bubbles, Kissin Katie, To Market

2009 – Wide World of Weefs… Tasmanian Devil, London Showers, Pizza Italia, Scottish Mall Lass, Weef Air, Finnish Elf, African Queen, French Pierrot

2010 – Yo Ho Expo… Ariel’s Trove (gold & silver), Ship Ahoy (black & red), El Diablo de Oro (gold), Jug (black), Lil Sandy Kidd (black & red), Jolly Roger (black & red), Pirate’s Treasure (black & red), Jim Squawkins (black & red), French Wench (black)

2011 – Academy of Alchemy… Wizard of SLO (purple) , Teacher’s Pet (purple), Cauldron Cup (green), Off to Class (black), Final Approach (purple & yellow), Hocus Pocus (purple), Feathered Flight (lavender & purple), Mr. Wizard (purple), Magical Moment (purple), Flight School (gold, purple & lavender)

2012 – Mother Goose Birthday Ball… Mother Goose, Wee Willie Winkie, Twinkle Twinkle, Rhyme Time, Mary Mary, Little Bo Peep, Jack & Jill, Three Little Kittens, Baa Baa Black Sheep

2013 – Jingle all the Way (North Pole)… Penguin Palace, For the Birds, Snow Bunnies, Polar Trek, Coupled Up, Penny Gwen, Polar Express, Squirrely Bird, Tie One On

2014 – Vegas Magic… Annette’s Magic, Karmouse the Magnificent, Half a Chance, Wee Magic, Aces, The Great Mousini, Floating on Air, Big Slick’s Tricks, Dove Hat

2015 – Best Friends Furever… Spring Drive, Pool Pals, Purrfect Strangers, A Ruff Ride, Wee Furever Friends, Bed Buddies, Kitty Korner, Puppy Love, Custom dog or cat.

2016 – A Wee European Honeymoon… On Guard (London), In the Same Boat (Venice Red or Purple), Paint the Town (Paris Boy or Girl), Roll Out the Barrels (Germany purple or green), The Honeymooners, Packing it Up, Custom Packing it Up, Gouda Helper

2017 – In Your Dreams… Sugar Shack, Mouse Mecca, Paradise on Earth, Dream Ride, Mouse Tales (Club Piece), Sweet Tooth, Off to Dreamland, Sweet Treat Dreamsicle, Beach Buddy

2018 – Wee Enchanted Forest…25th Anniversary!…Gnome Sweet Gnome, Water Sprite, Pixie Dust, Unicorn, Fairy Friends, Fairy & More Friends, Curly

2019 – Things that Go Bump in the Night…Close Encounters, Down Under, That’s the Spirit, Jeepers Creepers, Fly-by-Night

2020 – All Aboard the Expo Express… Gingerbread Express Engine, Gingerbread Express Cookie Car, Gingerbread Express Gumdrop Car, Gingerbread Express Caboose, Peppermint Express Engine, Peppermint Express Cookie Car, Peppermint Express Gumdrop Car, Peppermint Express Caboose

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