The COVID-19 Pandemic has many of us asking questions about events.  At this time, we are not postponing the event unless it becomes necessary, although with new restrictions in place it is looking more likely.

The CDC issued guidelines on 3/15 to cancel or postpone events of 50 or more people for 8 weeks (Expo is at 7 weeks and 6 days from 3/15), but likely will be under 50 people.  The hotel has doubled our meeting space to allow for more social distancing practices and has sanitation policies in effect.  However, California is currently only allowing groups of 10 or less through April 17th with re-evaluations every two weeks.  Those projections do not look as promising.

Currently some airlines are only offering rebooking on tickets through April, so we are trying to be the least disruptive to those with travel plans as possible until we know more, but we are looking into postponement to either September or October since Folktoberfest will not be taking place this year.   I would assume with these tighter restrictions Airlines will adjust their policies soon.

This is a fluid situation making changes difficult, so please be patient as we navigate through this .  After we have more information on how this is looking, we may be contacting each of you through e-mail for input.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed we get this managed, not only for the events this year,  but for the country in general.  We might all need a small gathering in May to start us back on the road to normal, but it seems like a fall gathering is more and more inevitable.  God Bless and Happy Mousing!



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