If you bought the complete teacup set you have or will be receiving a landscape pack to make the display pictured above.  This is beginner level easy.  If you attended the event you already made the sign and tree with flowers.  The rosebush in the teacup is not included.

If you did not purchase the set the fencing was purchased from ebay and the rest of the supplies all came from Hobby Lobby.

  1. Hedges – the hedges can be placed straight in a square or diamond.  To curve the hedges I tacked them down with some white putty or you could hot glue them to some boards cut into a curve.
  2. Topiaries – these are assembled, stuck into a toothpick.  If one slides off you can secure it with a dab of glue.
  3. Rosebushes – put a dab of glue onto the bottom of the rosebush and stick it into the hedge base.  You can cut the base into any shape you like.
  4. Pinwheels – put a dab of glue onto the toothpick and shove into the base shapes.  You can leave them long or you can cut them shorter if you like.
  5. Trees – Glue the trees into the hedge base, putting two trees together makes them fuller.  If you did not attend the event you also have two trees that you can put into a base using the air dry clay.  Only make the base as big as you need.  Once dry glue the greenery over the base to cover it.  Then add the flowers to give it some color.
  6. Teapot riser – A purple wheel is included to set the Twirling Teapot on a pedestal.
  7. Fencing – Fence parts can be assembled using dabs of glues in the pegs & holes.  Fence panels pop into place, but may need to be trimmed to fit properly.  Fence may need putty underneath or be glued to a board to keep it in place.  It can be spray painted if you want to give it color.
  8. Twirling Teacup Sign  can be downloaded and printed below.
  9. Mouseyland Sign – put the clay into the wood pot, stick the pole into the pot at whichever length you desire.  Add greenery over the paper clay.  Download and print the sign to the desired size and glue to the pole.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 9.56.36 PM      Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 9.57.34 PM

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