Mouse Expo is going virtual this year!  Due to ongoing Government regulations it appears the hotel will be unable to accommodate us through the end of the year.  If anything changes we could always incorporate a small gathering into our virtual event for those who want to gather together.

The event is being planned for early December (we may have some early bird events as well).  We are trying to keep the event as close to our regular activities and socializing as possible, however we will spread the event out so we aren’t sitting on our computers all day long.  A schedule of theme nights and activities will be posted so you will know which on-line events interest you.

Virtual attendance will require a full attending registration fee per person participating and be non transferable.  An activity box will be mailed to you along with your event pieces.  Some of these activities will be prepared in advance while others will be clearly marked to be opened only during the event.  We will have table signups so we can group you into private rooms for some activities and lunch.

While this is a new territory for all of us, those of you who have already used zoom have probably found it does still allow us to connect with one another, just in a different way.

Don’t forget to cancel your room reservations at the hotel.

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