The COVID-19 Pandemic has thrown us for a loop this year.  At this time, we have signed a contract and paid a hefty non-refundable rebooking fee to change the event to October.  Things should be back to as normal as they can be by then.

Airlines are allowing cancellations with no rebooking fee so check with your airline about changing your flights.  Many also have a temporary policy if you buy your tickets now (look for their deadlines) you can change the ticket again with no rebooking and if the fare goes lower you will get an e-credit for the fare difference.

Don’t forget to cancel your May hotel reservations and rebook for October.  I just rebooked my room and the rate was a little lower than the May rate.

The new deadline for registrations will be September 1st.  The factory has temporarily put production on hold, but they do need to have these finished before fall so will be making the trains all summer.  The Peppermint Express trains are first come, first serve and they are likely to sell out with the -pre-orders (we have just over 20 sets left).

If you were on the fence, we would appreciate your attendance this year.  I think this current crisis has taught us you can never have too many friends and to enjoy life with them.




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