Event Pieces

2020 Expo Line

Gingerbread Express

Open edition available to anyone (with event fee)

Gingerbreal Express Small


 Four Car Gingerbread Express Train set is $885 (Engine, Cookie Car, Gumdrop Car and Caboose)

FIVE Car Gingerbread Express Train Set $1073 (contact us for availability)     
Gingerbread Express can be purchased at whenthceatsaway.com or on ebay.

Peppermint Express

Limited Edition of 60 full sets available to anyone attending virtually.

Peppermint Express Small

   Four Car Train Set is $985

Five Car Trains Set is $1123, contact us for availability

56 full sets sold,  4 sets are remaining as of 12/7/20

Trains are available to purchase on whenthceatsaway.com or on ebay The Micelady

Accessory Train Sign!

Peppermint Express Sign $94

Gingerbread Express Sign $94

Attending Piece

Gingerbread Yummy will be available to attendees to purchase for $78. Limit of one per attendee SOLD OUT.


This little engine comes with peppermint wheels, an ice cream cone chimney and a gumdrop whistle for the engineer to power their way up the Big Rock Candy Mountain.


This Gingerbread Man is trying to be one tough cookie, but he’s a little worried.  His mouse friend (sculpted by Annette) is trying to hide a cookie addiction, but the Gingerbread Man can hear the nibbling going on behind his back.


It’s nothing but goody, goody gumdrops nestled in frosting on this sweet little train car, oh and maybe a tiny gingerbread man, or two, or three hitching a ride.  Note in the photos above, two gumdrop cars add a nice balance to the train.  


All Aboard!  The conductor is making sure everyone is on the train and ready to go as they head out on the Expo Line.

*Retail prices listed under the train cars do not include the not attending or attending event fee.

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